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EROSETTI | noun | : an interwoven art form of erotica, vignette, and media creating a captivating and intimate experience. A term coined to describe original works and collaborations with artists who share a passion for exploring the depths of human desire and sensuality.


Our Journey

We are a niche publisher representing artists, writers, and creators who weave erotic, written, and visual media to create immersive audience experiences. Publishing print trade books and e-books, art prints, and limited edition books, each publication is a journey into human desire and sensuality. Let us journey together

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With every word, every image, every turn of the page you venture further into a world of desire, where eroticism and imagination meet. Explore our books in the store and share the journey.

The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotic Narrative, Deluxe Edition

Hard Cover Over 560 pages and 750 Illustrations!

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Secret Domination League


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Slut Life

Match, Cinder & Spark 

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The Anthology of Erotic Narrative Vol I


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Erosetti Book I
Black Choker

Dante Remy

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The Collar...


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Anne-Marie Series

Reina Canalla

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My Books


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Art Previews

We partner with creators to provide rare and exclusive art prints that reflect story and eroticism. Printed on superior archival paper, offered in an array of sizes, and professionally shipped discretely in protective packaging, your purchase will make a statement while supporting artists and the journey.  Free 2nd-Day shipping on all orders! Explore our prints in the store .
"Janine" Antique Nude Photograph

Gustav Klimt
Woman Reclining Masturbating

Remastered in its

Original Red Seguine

Serie 087 Paris J.A.


Remastered from the Original on File with The Press

Reina Canalla

Dia de Muertos

Offered exclusively by Erosetti press

Best Value: The Troika (Trio) order option offers the most creative flexibility for your collection, library, and walls, providing the option to purchase a print of each standard size in one convenient price. Simply select this print option and you will receive one 4x6, 8x12, and 16x24 print (or square dimenstions, depending on the original print). Select "Troika" for the best value and free shipping!

"Janine" Antique Erotic Photograph in Multiple Sizes
My Books

Prints and prices are listed in three standard sizes:

Collectible Postcard (4x6in, 5x5in) starting at $10.00 USD + free 2-day shipping

Archival Print (8x12in, 10x10in) starting at $25.00 USD + free 2-day shipping

Museum-Quality Wall Art (16x24in, 20x20in) starting at $50.00 USD + free 2-day shipping

Trioka—Three Prints, One of Each (4x6in, 8x12in, and 16x24in or square dimensions, depending on original image) starting at $100.00 USD
+ free 2-day   shipping Best Value!

Custom Sizing (add an additional $25.00): Available from 4x5in to 40x60in; cropping of original image or white border may be necessary; inquire via contacts to arrange pricing.

Prints Specifications

Creator bios

Erosetti Press collaborates with creators in the production, publishing, and distribution process to explore new territory in the erotic genre, and to grow their worldwide audience. We invite you to support these creators by subscribing to our site for updates and following our socials. We are continually adding new creators. To learn more, check out their bios below and dedicated creator pages. Be prepared to be inspired!

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Reina Canalla

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Adult Comics

Reina Canalla Logo

Reina Canalla is Lara Lopez, a Spanish author, artist, and illustrator who studied drawing and painting at Carme Muset Art Academy and comic book illustration at Joso School. Canalla has won several awards for her work, including the Barcelona International Comic Fair Award and the Erotica Comics Award. In addition to her art, she has authored the novel Las Vírgenes de Nuria, available in Spanish at Amazon Kindle. Her celebrated erotic comic series, Anne-Marie, A shameless and erotic pirate comic, is available at and soon to be published worldwide. Her latest project is the erotic comic Mademoiselle D’Artagnan.


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Adult Comics

Alvaro Muñoz CoaX Logo

Coax is Alvaro Muñoz, a celebrated Spanish artist, illustrator, and author specializing in fetish story and art. His first fetish works appeared during the year 2000 in the Spanish bdsm magazine Sumissa. The next year, he formally launched his professional career in the comics world publishing with the international company La Cupula in their world-famous magazine Kiss Comix (also known as “La Podre au Reves” in France and “French Kiss” in United States). Since 2011, he has published all his fetish works under the name Coax. His French editions have been published by La Musardine and Murano Publishing. The Collar and Other Fetish Stories is his first authored and illustrated book publication by Erosetti Press, representing an exclusive edition for English audiences. He will illustrate The Press's forthcoming The Anthology of Erotic Narrative, Volume 1: Fetish. Explore his art and comics at his website

Jo Koss

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Jo Koss, a multifaceted artist known for his work in photography, occasional adult filmmaking, and fetish art, has carved a unique niche in the realm of erotica. His evolving body of work, collected for the time in the forthcoming book "The Jo Koss Antholgoy of Erotica" published by Erosetti Press (2024), presents his historical past and present creative exploration and boundary-pushing endeavors. From his roots as a comic artist and scriptwriter to his foray into adult films, Jo Koss's journey is one marked by artistic evolution and a constant pursuit of creative expression.

Lola & HH

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Authors with
an Erotic Fan
Cult Following

Lola Down

Based in the US,  The Tempestuous Tandem  pushes the boundaries of conventional relationships, captivating their readers and followers with their unapologetic exploration of desire and the endless possibilities of a love that knows no limits. Volume 6: The Slut Life of their books series Match, Cinder & Spark is published exclusively by Erosetti Press and they are contributors to Volume 1 of the Anthology of Erotic Narrative series. Their large erotic fans cult following includes tribute artwork and photos from readers, often displaying their books in explicit context. These fan images and art are published along with the stories in books, and on their active blog and social media presence. Lola and HH are at the center of a community of erotic art and expression. We are proud to partner with them to bring you their latest book! You can engage with them on their blog site and their X and Instagram social media.

Dante Remy

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Dante Remy Logo Author

Dante Remy is an internationally-based writer and creator. He explores the aesthetic in the everyday and the search for humanity through word, visualization, and soundscape. Running themes explore: the duality of nature and science, love and loss, beauty and the macabre, the chaste and the erotic. The Erosetti pillow book series marks his inaugural venture into published print erotica, seamlessly melding his distinct visual writing style with interpretations by skilled artists. His portfolio can be explored at



Artgasim resides in the U.S. and has been writing short erotic literature for over three years. Her journey began during Covid, initially as a creative outlet exploring personal fantasies and writing in the first person. Over time, her work evolved to include diverse themes and viewpoints, intentionally omitting specific details to make the stories more inclusive. Writing erotic allows her to explore and share the layers of her imagination. Artgasim is a contributor to The Anthology of Erotic Narrative, Volume 1.

Asher Bishop "Dex"


Voice Actor

Sound Design


Asher Bishop, more commonly known as Dex under the handle NeonDextrose, is a US-based creator who has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the NSFW community. With over 20 years of writing experience, she deftly uses her knowledge and ability to craft emotionally poignant works. From tension-filled, erotic narratives to electric and captivating script writing, her voice in her work is as distinctly visual as it is visceral. In addition to being an accomplished writer, she is also a talented and experienced voice actor and sound designer. She is recognized for dedicating significant attention to the development of believable sensuality and relatable exploration through all manners of kink, both light and dark. This is done with respect alongside the intention of showcasing just how powerful both writing and the use of it in the exploration of sexuality can be when done with care. She is a contributor to the forthcoming Anthology of Erotic Narrative, Volume I: Fetish.