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EROSETTI | noun | : an interwoven art form of erotica, vignette, and media creating a captivating and intimate experience. A term coined to describe original works and collaborations with artists who share a passion for exploring the depths of human desire and sensuality.


Our Journey

We are a niche publisher representing artists, writers, and creators who weave erotic, written, and visual media to create immersive audience experiences. Publishing print trade books and e-books, art prints, and limited-edition books, each publication is a journey into human desire and sensuality. Let us journey together

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Book Previews

With every word, every image, every turn of the page you venture further into a world of desire, where eroticism and imagination meet. Explore our books in the store and share the journey.

Anne-Marie, Deluxe Edition & Paperback

Complete Nine Stories & Over 200 Illustrated Pages!

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The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotic Narrative, Deluxe Edition

Hard Cover Over 560 pages and 750 Illustrations!

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Secret Domination League


Publisher Exclusive!

The Anthology of Erotic Narrative Vol I


Publisher Exclusive!

Erosetti Book I
Black Choker

Dante Remy

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My Books

Slut Life

Match, Cinder & Spark 

Press Exclusive!

The Collar...


Press Exclusive!

Erosetti Book II
I Don't Know You,

You Don't Know Me

Dante Remy


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Art Previews

We partner with creators to provide rare and exclusive art prints that reflect story and eroticism. Printed on superior archival paper, offered in an array of sizes, and professionally shipped discretely in protective packaging, your purchase will make a statement while supporting artists and the journey.  Free 2nd-Day shipping on all orders! Explore our prints in the store .
"Janine" Antique Nude Photograph

Gustav Klimt
Woman Reclining Masturbating

Remastered in its

Original Red Seguine

Serie 087 Paris J.A.


Remastered from the Original on File with The Press

Reina Canalla

Dia de Muertos

Offered exclusively by Erosetti press

Best Value: The Troika (Trio) order option offers the most creative flexibility for your collection, library, and walls, providing the option to purchase a print of each standard size in one convenient price. Simply select this print option and you will receive one 4x6, 8x12, and 16x24 print (or square dimenstions, depending on the original print). Select "Troika" for the best value and free shipping!

"Janine" Antique Erotic Photograph in Multiple Sizes
My Books

Prints and prices are listed in three standard sizes:

Collectible Postcard (4x6in, 5x5in) starting at $10.00 USD + free 2-day shipping

Archival Print (8x12in, 10x10in) starting at $25.00 USD + free 2-day shipping

Museum-Quality Wall Art (16x24in, 20x20in) starting at $50.00 USD + free 2-day shipping

Trioka—Three Prints, One of Each (4x6in, 8x12in, and 16x24in or square dimensions, depending on original image) starting at $100.00 USD
+ free 2-day   shipping Best Value!

Custom Sizing (add an additional $25.00): Available from 4x5in to 40x60in; cropping of original image or white border may be necessary; inquire via contacts to arrange pricing.

Prints Specifications

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