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Dive into the sultry depths of the Caribbean in the early 18th century with Reina Canalla's daring narrative, Anne-Marie. This deluxe hardcover edition features over 240 illustrated pages, exclusive artwork, and the complete nine-book series, this is a pirate tale of erotic liberation.


Expelled from a convent for her sensuality, Anne-Marie's journey with the pirate Jezzabel Avery becomes a steamy saga of sexual awakening, challenging the era's repressive norms. Through intense relationships and role reversals, this story delves into themes of freedom, identity, and transformation, all woven through explicit and passionate encounters. Anne-Marie is an erotic, historical adventure that invites readers to embrace the raw truths of desire and identity in a world where sensuality is power.

Anne-Marie: Deluxe Edition, An Erotic Pirate Comic

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