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Lola & HH

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Lola & HH

Based in the US, The Tempestuous Tandem of Lola and H.H. pushes the boundaries of conventional relationships, captivating readers and followers with their unapologetic exploration of desire and the endless possibilities of a love that knows no limits. Volume 6: Slut Life from the Match, Cinder & Spark series is their first publication with Erosetti Press. Their blog, books, and audiobooks, have attracted a large underground, nearly cultish, following. Lola Down, the “average nympho next door,” has inspired tribute artwork and photos from readers around the world. Her fans often like to display themselves with the books in equally evocative ways, hoping to stimulate Lo to even more exciting “sexcapades.” These fan images and art are published along with the stories in the books and on their active blog and social media. Lola and H.H. are at the center of a community of erotic art and expression and we are proud to partner with them to bring you their latest book! You can engage with them on their blog site and their X and Instagram social media.

Available from Erosetti Press

Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume 6: The Slut Life

Open Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume 6: Slut Life and step into the pages of Lola Down's uninhibited world, in which a collection of scorching encounters and hilariously awkward moments unfold, mainly at the beach. From summer camp orgies to cuckolding, Lola's insatiable desires and unapologetic confidence will make you blush, laugh, and cheer her on through the tangled sheets of modern love. Narrated by her smitten older man, HH, and exclusive photos and art by her erotic following of cultish fans, the book is a rollercoaster of intimate adventures, steamy capers, and heartfelt confessions. In this first-hand account of Lola's unapologetic explorations, mishaps, triumphs, and surprising emotional depths, Slut Life goes beyond erotica, celebrating female desire, offering a humorous take on relationships, and candidly exploring self-discovery. Going to the beach? Pack Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume 6: Slut Life, and prepare to curl your toes in the sand as you question your boundaries, laugh out loud, and beg for more!

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