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Ester Cardella

Illustrator, Cartoonist, Commissions

Ester Cardella

Ester Cardella is a distinguished illustrator and cartoonist from Palermo, celebrated for her unique blend of erotic and horror themes in comics. A graduate of Palermo's comics school, she has mastered a distinctive style that empowers women and challenges societal taboos. Her work, prominently featured in a limited edition artbook published by Libritalia, advocates for female eroticism and self-determination. Ester’s personal journey into erotic comics began as a form of self-therapy, evolving into a powerful medium to express women's independence and sensuality. With a significant following on social media, she commissions unique, handmade artworks worldwide, ensuring each piece remains one-of-a-kind. Ester’s contributions to the comic art scene have been showcased at major events like Palermo Comics and Lucca Comics & Games, underscoring her influence and resonance in the field. Learn more about her art at, Instagram, Twitter/X profiles.

Available from Erosetti Press


The Anthology of Erotic Narrative Volume II

Ester Cardella will contribute illustrations for Volume II of The Anthology of Erotic Narrative, scheduled for publication by Erosetti Press in 2024. The book will feature a broad range of first-person fiction by international authors. Each story will be accompanied by an exclusive Cardella illustration, providing an immersive story and visual experience for the reader. Subscribe to for updates about this and other publications and fine art.

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