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Jo Koss

Artist, Author, Photographer, Director

Jo Koss

Jo Koss, a multifaceted artist known for his work in photography, occasional adult filmmaking, and fetish art, has carved a unique niche in the realm of erotica. His evolving body of work, collected for the time in the forthcoming book "The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica" published by Erosetti Press (2024), presents his past and present creative exploration and boundary-pushing endeavors. From his roots as a comic artist and scriptwriter to his foray into adult films, Jo Koss's journey is one marked by artistic evolution and a constant pursuit of creative expression.

Available from Erosetti Press

The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica


"The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica" invites readers on a journey of contemporary erotica through the art and career of the artist. From early exploration of erotic comics to groundbreaking Scandinavian adult film productions, the anthology beautifully captures Koss's evolution, visually depicting the line between art and pornography. Embracing both challenges and triumphs, the anthology navigates custom’s seizures and destruction of work, social media censorship, and resilience in navigating shifts in societal norms. The anthology concludes with a glimpse into Koss's current, creatively vibrant projects, leaving readers inspired by his enduring influence on the world of erotic art. This is a must read and visual experience for those who appreciate uncompromising erotic art that has shocked and evoked audiences for decades and that endures today.

Connecting with the Artwork

Jo Koss's recent artistic expressions have focused on erotic illustrations, commissions, tributes, and book covers. He has exhibited extensively and he is reconnecting with patrons and fans, after reaching over 100,000 followers on Tumblr (until erotic art was banned along with many creators). You can connect with him on his X @JoKossArt and Instagram @jokossart accounts and his website

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