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Reina Canalla

Illustrator, Author, Erotic Comics, Art Prints

Reina Canalla

Reina Canalla is Lara Lopez, a Spanish author, artist, and illustrator who studied drawing and painting at Carme Muset Art Academy and comic book illustration at Joso School. Canalla has won several awards for her work, including the Barcelona International Comic Fair Award and the Erotica Comics Award. In addition to her art, she has authored the novel Las Vírgenes de Nuria, available in Spanish at Amazon Kindle. Her celebrated erotic comic series, Anne-Marie, A Shameless and Erotic Pirate Comic, and related fine art prints are her publications with Erosetti Press. Connect with Reina at and X and Instragram profiles. 


Available from Erosetti Press

Anne-Marie, Chapters 1-9
Coming in 2024!

Embark on a thrilling and seductive maritime adventure with Reina Canalla's Anne-Marie, A Shameless and Erotic Pirate ComicThe story unfolds in a visually stunning and provocatively illustrated narrative. Canalla masterfully weaves together a tale of passion, betrayal, and unbridled desire. "Anne-Marie" is not just a pirate's tale—it's a steamy and provocative journey that challenges conventions and embraces the liberated spirit of a shameless heroine. Get ready to set sail on an unforgettable voyage where passion reigns supreme, and the line between pleasure and peril blurs in the most enticing ways. Reina Canalla invites you to join the ship's crew and experience a world where the sea is not the only thing that's wild and untamed.


Art Prints


Erosetti Press offers exclusive fine art prints of Reina Canalla's illustrations, printed on archival metallic papers and offered in a variety of sizes. Each image has been hand-selected by the artist to reflect her preferred themes and favorite stories. Weaving eroticism with history and rich texture with provocative illustration, her artwork pushes the boundary or visual desire. The deep colors and layers creates a captivating, three-dimensional imagery. Whether it is a collectable postcard (4x6"), archival print (8x12"), or museum-quality wall art (16x24"), Reina Canalla art prints are a desirable addition to your collection and home. See the store for more details, image, and custom sizing options. 

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