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This Deluxe Edition takes readers on a vivid journey through contemporary erotica, showcasing the art and career of Jo Koss. Featuring over 750 illustrations, images, and artwork personally selected by Koss across 564 engaging pages, this anthology stands as the definitive resource on art, pornography, and erotica. From early explorations in erotic comics to pioneering Scandinavian adult film productions, it beautifully traces Koss's artistic evolution and the fine line between art and pornography. The anthology also addresses the challenges and victories encountered along the way, including customs seizures, social media censorship, and the resilience required to navigate shifting societal norms. This deluxe edition is essential for collectors, curators, and all who admire erotica. It concludes with a look at Koss's current, vibrant projects, leaving readers inspired by his lasting impact on the world of erotic art. This is a must-read visual experience for those who value uncompromising erotic art that has captivated and challenged audiences for decades and continues to resonate today.

The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica, Deluxe Edition

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