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Amidst the fall of communism in Old Town Bratislava, an abandoned building yielded a hidden manuscript, revealing secrets long buried. Inside, urban explorers found blocked windows and a mysterious underground grave, preserving a bygone era. Dante Remy brings the discovered story Bloodlust back to the living, inviting you to a world where ecstasy and agony intertwine, and life and death blur in a seductive dance of desire. Old-world maps found with the weathered writings and Illustrations by the internationally acclaimed erotic artist Apollonia Saintclair add an evocative layer to this sensual found narrative.


Told through the mesmerizing voice of a centuries-old vampire, this story delves into human longing and the allure of the forbidden. The vampire savors each victim's blood, enriched by their most intimate moments of release. From the delicate flick of a tongue on tender skin to the fierce bite that drains life in a flood of passion, Bloodlust is an intoxicating journey through the senses.


Prepare to be captivated by a tale that delves into the primal nature of lust. With each turn of the page, you'll be drawn into a story that intertwines the pursuit of orgasmic ecstasy with an insatiable hunger for life itself. Bloodlust beckons those who dare to embrace their darkest fantasies and succumb to its seductive power.

Bloodlust, A Letter to My Victims | Vampire Erotica

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