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Virgil Finlay (1914-1971) was a master artist and illustrator and is highly sought-after by collectors. He found his artistic niche in pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s. Finlay’s work was featured in such magazines as “Weird Tales,” “Amazing Stories,” and “Astounding Science Fiction.” His style is characterized by its meticulous detail and attention to perspective. His work is also notable for its use of light and shadow, which creates a sense of depth and atmosphere.


“Famous Fantastic Mysteries” (1939) was created for the 1939 Volume 1, Number 2 issue of “Famous Fantastic Mysteries.” The print depicts a world of 1930s pulp magazine fantasy, where the lines between science fiction and erotica blur. Finlay’s captivating illustration ignites the imagination with its suggestive poses and veiled sensuality and a story waiting to be told. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of science fiction history. It has been remastered and restored to its original stunning color and crips lines.


Please see general sizing information for three standard options or custom sizing. Printed on the superior paper of Erosetti Press, an acid-free, pH-neutral, 100% cotton photo rag paper with underlying metallic elements reproducing bold colors and deep blacks in a three-dimensional subtle shimmer and finish.


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Virgil Finlay “Famous Fantastic Mysteries” Remastered and Restored Print Pricing

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