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Open the book on the provocative world of Jo Koss with Volume II of “The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica'', where the boundaries between art and pornography are both explored and blurred. Volume II continues to document the artistic evolution of one of the most daring figures in contemporary erotica, featuring over 200 pages of stunning illustrations, personal narratives, and groundbreaking artwork. In this volume, Koss navigates the complexities of digital expression and censorship, revealing the challenges and triumphs of maintaining creative freedom on platforms like Tumblr and DeviantArt. Through intimate collaborations and commissions, Koss engages with a predominantly female audience, crafting erotic portraits that resonate with a deep understanding of desire and consent.


From his return to the monochromatic elegance of black and white to dynamic compositions that capture the essence of erotic encounters, Koss's work invites the viewer to a visual journey that is as compelling as it is controversial. His influence extends beyond the canvas, enriching the realms of literature and film with his unique insights and artistic vision.


Volume II of the Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica is not just a collection of art; it is an invitation to explore the intimate interplay of light, shadow, and human desire through the eyes of a master. For collectors, curators, and anyone captivated by the power of erotic art, this anthology is an essential exploration of one artist’s enduring impact on the field. For those collectors and connoisseurs who want the ultimate edition to their library or coffee table art, consider the Deluxe Edition of The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica, featuring over 550 illustrious pages and 700 exclusive erotic works by Koss, available from Erosetti Press.

The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica, Volume II

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