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Open Volume I of the provocative world of Jo Koss, where art intersects with erotica across the vivid pages of “The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica.” This first volume serves as a gateway into the expansive and often controversial universe of an artist who has navigated the fluid boundaries between public morality and private desire. From his early days creating narratives for adult comics in Italy to pioneering the adult film scene in Scandinavia, Koss’s journey is a testament to the power of art to challenge, captivate, and change.


Over 200 pages of detailed illustrations, intimate photographs, and reflective texts chart Koss’s evolution as an artist and provocateur as serve as a mirror to the world of erotica and porn. Readers will explore his ventures into digital multimedia with the creation of the first CD-ROM porn games, and his adaptation to the rise and regulation of platforms like Tumblr, which redefined his connection to a global audience.


“The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica” captures the essence of Koss's career—a bold traversal through the art of erotica, marked by both censorship and acclaim. For collectors, curators, and anyone with a deep appreciation for the art of erotica, this anthology is an essential exploration of creativity that continues to influence and resonate in the ever-evolving landscape of art and expression. Join us in celebrating a legacy of artistic freedom and enduring impact with Volume I of this definitive series. For those collectors and connoisseurs who want the ultimate edition to their library or coffee table art, consider the Deluxe Edition of The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica, featuring over 550 illustrious pages and 700 exclusive erotic works by Koss, available from Erosetti Press.

The Jo Koss Anthology of Erotica, Volume I

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