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Dive into the seductive depths of Coax's latest sensation, Secret Domination League: The Complete Series Edition. Featuring the six-book series and over 180 pages and  illustrations, this visual hardcover masterpiece thrusts you into the heart of a shadowy world where a fiery-haired siren discovers her truest self amidst the clandestine thrills of the BDSM underworld. Join the adventure as she's inducted into the exclusive "Domination League," a realm where fantasies take flesh and pleasure knows no bounds. From the intensity of raw desire to the tantalizing pull of absolute surrender, experience a journey through Coax's rich, provocative story and  illustrations that lay bare the essence of dominance and submission.


Coax, the artistic persona of Alvaro Muñoz, returns with his signature blend of bold imagery and intricate storytelling, leading you through a sophisticated gallery of erotic enlightenment. Each page, a revelation; each story, a gateway to exhilarating indulgence. Coax's mastery over color and contour paints a world where the forbidden blooms, daring you to explore the electric edge of human desire.


Prepare for an expedition into the labyrinth of lust with Secret Domination League: The Complete Series Edition, where every stroke of the brush is a whisper of temptation, every narrative arc a chain of rapture. This is your exclusive invitation to witness the unveiling of hidden desires, to be entranced by the artistry of the unspoken. Answer the call of the Secret Domination League, where the only rule is to expect the unexpected. Embrace the extraordinary-this is Coax, unbound and unleashed.

Secret Domination League, Complete Series Edition

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