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This modestly entitled vintage photo, Paris J.A. Serie 087 (circa 1900, Paris), projects profound and timeless eroticsim. It is owned in its original by Erosetti Press and depicts “Miss Janine”, an unknown model, appearing on postcards by photographer Jean Agélou. So captivating were her images, that she was also photographed by Louis-Amédee Mante and Edmond Goldschmitt. The fine detail of these prints have been remastered and represent the best reprints to date, making available an important historical addition to your collection.


Please see general sizing information for three standard options or custom sizing. Printed on the superior paper of Erosetti Press, an acid-free, pH-neutral, 100% cotton photo rag paper with underlying metallic elements reproducing bold colors and deep blacks in a three-dimensional subtle shimmer and finish.


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“Janine” Serie 087 Paris J.A. Remastered from the Original on File

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