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The Impression, Book III of the Erosetti pillow book series, explores the complex and unexpected shift in a longstanding friendship. Sharing a deep bond, divulging their intimate thoughts and experiences, the story takes a sudden turn at a casual gathering when a stolen kiss ignites a passionate encounter. In the kitchen, unbeknownst to their friends on the other side of the door, the narrator vividly details their raw and physical connection, blending desire, anticipation, and a hint of danger. Marked physically and emotionally, she grapples with the consequences of their actions, leaving an indelible "impression" that lingers as a secret sensual afterglow. The story explores themes of longing, forbidden desire, and the yearning for the next encounter.


The book also features the interplay of word and visual art by Reina Canalla to the portray symbolic nature, as well as the emotional and physical act, of spanking. Beyond its explicit nature, the act serves as a metaphor for the breaking of societal norms and the characters' willingness to explore the boundaries of their relationship. The deliberate use of a spank as a punctuation mark in the narrative adds layers of meaning, transforming it from a mere physical act into a symbol of a new beginning and intimacy.


The blend of dialogue and internal monologue in descriptive passages enhances the overall flow of the narrative, allowing for a dynamic and engaging reading experience. The use of the first-person perspective contributes to the immediacy of the story, immersing readers in the storyteller's thoughts and emotions. Having read the story, what is your impression? What is the erotic story in your life?


The Erosetti Book Series, like pillow books of Japanese antiquity, unfold tales of sensuality, delving into the profound intricacies of fantasies, sharing their depth with others. Whether bestowed upon a lover, a confidant, or nestled into your personal library, these short-format books speak the language of passion. Silence spells the demise of the erotic. Your purchase, gift, and enjoyment of an Erosetti book represents a journey into shared pleasure.

Erosetti Book III, The Impression, Friends-to-Lovers (E-Book E-Pub)

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