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The inaugural Book I: Black Choker of the Erosetti series seamlessly weaves the prose of Dante Remy with the captivating artwork of Reina Canalla. At its core is the narrative, "Black Choker," celebrated in erotic audio circles. Through evocative words and provocative images, the tale immerses readers into a fantasy of breath play, dominance, and submission. The focus lies on the black leather choker, adorned with an o-ring, skillfully employed to explore the edges of mutual pleasure. The narrative unfolds, inviting readers to delve deeper into the exploration of desire, where boundaries are pushed, and the pursuit of shared ecstasy takes center stage. When you purchase Book I from the Erosetti Press site, the book will be signed and dated by the author, Dante Remy!


The Erosetti Book Series, like pillow books of Japanese antiquity, unfold tales of sensuality In small book form, delving into the profound intricacies of fantasies, sharing their depth with others. Whether bestowed upon a lover, a confidant, or nestled into your personal library, these books speak the language of passion. Silence spells the demise of the erotic. Your purchase, gift, and enjoyment of Erosetti books represent a journey into shared pleasure.

Erosetti Book I, Black Choker (Epub Ebook)

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