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CoaX: Alvaro Muñoz

Author, Illustrator, erotic Comics, fetish

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Coax is Alvaro Muñoz, a celebrated Spanish artist, illustrator, and author specializing in fetish story and art. His first fetish works appeared during the year 2000 in the Spanish bdsm magazine Sumissa. He formally launched his professional career in the comics world publishing with the international company La Cupula in their world-famous magazine Kiss Comix (also known as “La Podre au Reves” in France and “French Kiss” in United States). Since 2011, he has published all his fetish works under the name Coax. His French editions have been published by La Musardine and Murano Publishing. Explore his art and comics at his website

Coax Fetish Illustrations Shibari

Available from Erosetti Press

The Collar and Other Fetish Stories

The Collar and Other Fetish Stories invites you on a captivating journey into the erotic world of Coax, a celebrated Spanish artist renowned for his bold exploration of fetish and BDSM themes. In this exquisite large-format book, creator Alvaro Muñoz, also known as Coax, showcases his unapologetic portrayal of desire, power dynamics, and sensuality through in over 100 vivid illustrations and a variety of compelling narratives.


The Collar and Other Fetish Stories by Coax

The Anthology of Erotic Narrative, Volume I: Fetish

Coax is currently producing illustrations for the forthcoming Erosetti Publication The Very Anthology of Erotic Narrative, Volume I: Fetish. The book will featuring the written works of international authors and accompanying illustrations by Coax. Subscribe and follow Erosetti Press for updates on groundbreaking collaborative!

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Coax Fetish Illustrations The Very Best of Erotic Narrative
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