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"The Anthology of Erotic Narrative, Volume I: Fetish,” from Erosetti Press, is a provocative collection that explores the exhilarating realm of erotic fetishism through the unique voices of international authors:


Asher Bishop


Ava Lee


Dalia Folia

Dante Remy

Eva Hart

H.H. & Lola

P.J. Gibbon

S. Charles.


This bold volume features explicit erotic first-person narratives, each delving deep into the intricacies of BDSM, dominance and submission, restraint, shibari, and other vivid expressions of fetishism. Illustrated by the renowned fetish artist Alvaro Muñoz, known as Coax, the book offers a continuous visual feast that challenges conventional boundaries, promising a journey of liberation and exploration in the rich tapestry of human desire and sexual expression.


Erosetti Press, known for elevating erotic literature, brings you a curated selection of stories, each accompanied by the sensual illustrations of the renowned artist Alvaro Muñoz, also known as Coax. This volume invites you to explore the intricate realms of fetishism, where desires unfold in feminine and masculine domination, consensual non-consent, rape play, knife play, clothes tearing and cutting, sadism, masochism, binding, shibari and rope play, pet play, human furniture, humiliation, exhibitionism, collaring, gagging, nipple clamps and torture, flogging, spanking, slapping, edging and denial, cock cages, food fetish, wife sharing, and other forms of sexual gratification, including orgasm. Keywords are provided at the beginning of each story, to determine whether they may be personally challenging or triggering.


Crafted with finesse and a commitment to portraying the complexities of human desire, our authors take you on a journey into the explicit, narrative, worlds. Experience the heightened sensations that arise when seemingly mundane objects become vessels of desire, as characters engage in clandestine affairs, playful explorations of dominance-submission dynamics, and the allure of restrictive bindings.


Dive into narratives that celebrate the eroticism inherent in fetishism, from the magnetic bind of rope and shibari to the art of restraint and the exploration of power dynamics. Transport yourself into worlds where pain mixes with pleasure in an exchange that heightens sexual pleasure, exploring the psychological and emotional nuances of sadism and masochism as erotic release.


Authors have approached these themes with sensitivity, consent, and a commitment to portraying the diverse facets of erotic fetishism. With "The Very Best of Erotic Narrative, Volume I: Fetish," Erosetti Press continues its mission to redefine the genre, providing readers with a vivid and immersive portrayal of intimate experiences. Unleash your desires and explore the tantalizing world of fetish-focused narratives that captivate the mind and stimulate the senses.

Anthology of Erotic Narrative, Volume I: Fetish - Ebook Version

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