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Order the complete set of 27 alphabet cards, including the full-alphabet compilation card! Add additional letters to create the perfect message...

Craft the perfect erotic message! Send a sensual card. Hang the most intriguing conversation art on your wall! Remastered, restored, and printed on the highest quality paper, these letters will evoke a decadent response today and for the next 150 years. The full alphabet set (4 x 5”) inclused the compilation print for 27 prints. Also available are individual letter prints and a museum-art print alphabet poster (16 x 20 inches or special order size). Printed on superior Torchon cellulose watercolor paper with bright whites and a distinct, coarsely textured surface by Hahnemühle (0.50mm).


Joseph Apoux (1866–1910) was a French artist known for his contributions to the world of erotic art and Decadent Movement of the late 19th century, particularly through his series of alphabet illustrations. His work, while often controversial for its explicit nature, also reflects a unique blend of artistic skill and bold exploration of sensuality. Each letter was crafted with meticulous attention to detail, seamlessly combining the form of the letters with suggestive and erotic imagery that challenged societal norms, positions of power, and politics. 


Apoux's artistic technique is noteworthy, demonstrating his proficiency in draftsmanship and composition, while inviting viewers to confront their perceptions of eroticism and art. The erotic alphabet series serves as a testament to Apoux's boldness as an artist, navigating the fine line between the sensual and the artistic. The stylized figures and intricate details in each illustration contribute to an overall aesthetic that is both provocative and sophisticated. Create your own word expressions. Explore new ways to enjoy the alphabet. Hang an historic piece of erotic art on your wall and watch others create words and meaning!

Complete Set of 27: Vintage Erotic Alphabet Letter Prints byJoseph Apoux, 1880

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