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Call for
Photographer Contributors

V, Volume I

Erotic Photography in Vision and Story

Initial Submissions by March 1, 2024


Erosetti Press: 2024 Publication Date

Erosetti Press, LLC, is a niche publisher with a mission to elevate the erotic work of writers and artists through high-quality publications and distribution access to international mainstream markets. We invite photographer contributions for volume one of V: Erotic Photography in Vision and Story. This anthology will feature and promote the images, words, and engagement contacts of up to 20 international artists working in the genre of black and white and color erotic photography, subtle in form and explicit.


We seek to represent twenty photographers in this volume, to be published in 2024 in 8x12 print paperback and hardcover versions. Compositions of 5-6 photographic images, including at least one full-page bleed image and one two-page spread image, will be accompanied by a 300-word commentary from the photographers on their approach and technique and the specific story or description of the images appearing in the book. The editor of the volume will assist in these written passages. Our goal is to highlight the global expanse of this genre, the artists and their stories, and promote access to their work and portfolios. 


About the Volume Series—Erosetti Press ( plans to publish consecutive volumes highlighting the art of erotic photographers from across the globe. We week to tell the stories of these photographers and those of their images, in an engaging book publication that grows readership, followers, and patrons. We believe our mission and approach to publishing is the right venue to create global access for artists and readers. For the purposes of this volume series, erotic photography is defined as


A genre of visual art that explores the sensual and intimate aspects of human sexuality through the lens of a camera. This genre encompasses a wide range of styles, from artistic and tasteful representations to more explicit and sexually charged images. The distinction between artistic and explicit erotic photography often lies in the intention behind the images, the level of explicitness, and the artistic techniques employed. Through images and technique, photographer’s eye and subject, and the artist’s words, a story is told. The stories told on the pages of this volume will range from subtle and aesthetic to an open celebration of sexuality, from implied sensuality to overt fetish and bdsm, and from a fine-art perspective to documentary style. In each instance, the image, the technique, the subject, and the words open our eyes to the vision and stories of the erotic.


Submission and Production Schedule—We ask photographers to complete a short submission form providing basic contact information and a link to their preferred portfolio or web studio for consideration by March 1, 2024. Follow up contact will confirm inclusion in the volume and a request for up to ten images for inclusion. Three short writing prompts will seek photographer input on wording and written portions of the book (approach and technique, story or description of the images, preferred means for contacts). The volume editor will provide direct support for these written passages. Production of the volume will continue through the summer, with promotional announcements and posts on the Erosetti Press website, social media, and distribution lists. The target publication date is fall of 2024.


Artist Retains Ownership/Publication Agreement—Artists will retain ownership over their photographic work. Authors may post and publish their photographic images at will and in any form. An Artist Contributor-Publisher Agreement will be signed to ensure copyright of the book publication, under an ISBN and the Erosetti Press moniker. Book copyright statements will acknowledge artists as owners of their creative works. Only print versions of the volume will be published and distributed. The publisher will offer each artist the option for print and distribution of their photographic images, under separate agreement (please see compensation section below).


Publication and Distribution—Volume I will be assigned ISBN numbers and published in 8x12 inch paperback and hardcover with dust jacket versions. The book will be listed internationally on all major online vendors (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) and tens of thousands of online and brick-and-mortar bookstores, as part of the Ingram international distribution network. We plan on maintaining international listing and distribution on a yearly basis.


Compensation—Erosetti Press will incur significant production and listing costs to produce a high-quality and well-distributed art book. Our mission is to elevate this art form and to promote the artists internationally. We seek to reinvest any profit in this mission. In addition to offering publication and promotion of artist’s creative works and contacts in multiple formats to a worldwide audience, we will send to each artist a paperback and hardcover copy of the final book.


Optional Compensation—In addition to artist feature and promotion in an international publication, Erosetti Press will offer artists the option of print and distribution of their photography images to customers, hardcopy print only, not electronic. The artist will receive 60% of net on all sales of their photographs. Print and distribution of hardcopy photographs will be arranged under separate agreement.


Manuscript Requirements & Submission Guidelines—Several steps will assure consideration and respect of the artist.


Step 1: Short Submission. The initial artist submission process takes about five minutes to complete. We will collect basic artist information, a short bio, contact information, and links to examples of their erotic photography. To initiate a submission, please complete Step 1 here by March 1st, 2024.


Step 2: Photographs Submission and Short Descriptions. We will follow up with upload information for up to ten high resolution, minimal 600 dpi png or jpg, images with associated titles (if named) and short writing prompts that describe the artists technique/approach, the description or story of the submitted images, and their preferred contacts to be published in the volume, no more than 300 words total. Erosetti Press staff will assist in the writing of these passages.


Step 3: Artist Contributor-Publisher Agreement. An agreement will be signed between artist contributor and publisher, assuring the retention of the rights and ownership of photographs with the artists, the terms of compensation, and the protections of artistic and intellectual property. Our intention is for the agreement to favor the artist and their work. A second agreement for the option of printing and distribution of photographs by the publisher and monetary compensation to the artist at 60% net will be offered under separate agreement. Steps 2 and 3 should be completed by March 25th, 2023.


Step 4: Production, Promotion, Publication, and Distribution. During the production-through-distribution process, the editing staff will maintain correspondence with the artists to ensure integrity of the publication. The publisher will also promote the forthcoming and published book, to include, but is not limited to, developing marketing materials, social media, webpage posts, subscriber emails, posting links to artists contact, and online marketing campaigns.


To initiate a submission, please complete Step 1 here, by completing the short submission form.

Questions?—Submission questions may be sent to Subject: Erotic Photography Volume. Editing and production correspondence will be conducted primarily via email with promotional updates posted on our website and X/Twitter feed @erosettipress. A member of the Erosetti Press staff will serve as Editor of the volume and primary production contact.

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