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Call for Manuscripts
The Very Best of Erotic Narrative, Volume I
Extended Call — Submit now!
Next Deadline: March 31st


We are halfway to our goal of 20 accepted manuscripts! The first set of illustrations are complete! We need your erotic fetish stories to complete the book. Submit now and let's publish together. Read on for details.

• New manuscripts are not required. Submit your favorite piece of writing, posted publicly. We simply ask that it not be published in book form under an ISBN. Consider your inventory of stories and submit up to three manuscripts.

• The fetish genre is broad. We are open to many fetish topics. Thus far, we have accepted spanking, fdom, mdom, flogging, power play, CNC, puppy/pet play, pleasure and pain, sadism, masochism, marking, human furniture. Let's expand the fetish genre together!

• This project is about taking our erotic writing into the international mainstream and producing a high quality print and professionally illustrated publication. Any modest profit will be used the produce volume 2. Let's keep this mission alive!


We invite manuscript submissions for volume one of The Very Best of Erotic Narrative series. Volume I will have a distinctive fetish focus in the erotic narrative genre. Subsequent volumes will be more expansive. Editorial staff will support authors with questions about submissions and volume placement. Submissions may be previously written and posted, but not published under ISBN number. Access the manuscript submission form here.


Volume I will feature the writing of international authors in the genre of explicit fetish erotic first-person narrative. We seek twenty manuscripts to be published in 2024. Each story will be accompanied by illustrations, providing a continuous visual experience for the reader. Volume I, with a fetish focus, will be illustrated by Alvaro Muñoz, known as Coax. To ensure author confidentiality, chapters will be published under pseudonym and production and agreements signed under the author’s pseudonym as an artist entity. Authors retain ownership of their written work.


About the Volume Series—Erosetti Press will publish an annual volume highlighting the erotic narrative genre and featuring artist illustrations that accompany each story. For the purposes of this volume series, first-person erotic narrative is defined as: 


A genre of literature or storytelling that involves the explicit depiction of sexual experiences and activities from the perspective of the main character, who is often the narrator. In this genre, the storytelling is done in the first person, meaning that the narrator speaks directly from their own point of view, using pronouns such as "I" and "me." The focus of the narrative is on the personal and intimate experiences of the protagonist, detailing their thoughts, emotions, and sensations during various erotic encounters. This genre aims to provide a vivid and immersive portrayal of sexual situations, exploring themes of desire, passion, intimacy, kink, discovery, and exploration.


For Volume I, with a fetish focus, authors should consult the illustrator’s web page for context of their fetish artwork and consider the following definition in their narrative submissions:


Fetish-focused narratives delve into the realm of erotic fetishism, offering exploration of diverse desires and fantasies through explicit stories. If you possess a talent for weaving tales that navigate the intricacies of bdsm, dominance and submission, restraint and shibari, consensual non-consent, and other forms of fetishism, we invite you to submit your manuscripts for consideration. Examples of erotic fetishism that we are particularly interested in exploring within narratives include:


Leather or Latex Fetishism: Immerse us in a world where the touch and feel of leather or latex elevate the erotic experience. Craft narratives that delve into the power dynamics and heightened sensations that arise when these materials become more than mere garments.


Role-playing Fetishism: Unleash your creativity in narratives that bring characters into intriguing role-playing scenarios. Whether it's power play or a consensual and CNC exploration of dominant-submissive dynamics, capture the intensity of these fantasies with finesse in your narrative.


Lingerie and Shoe Fetishism: Enchant us with stories where seemingly mundane objects become vessels of desire and, possible, role reversal. Dive into the allure of shoes, lingerie, or other clothing items, and let their presence amplify the sensuality between characters.


Rope and Shibari Fetishism: Explore the magnetic bind of rope and shibari in intimate connections. Whether it's the restrictive helpless and giving over of power to another, the allure of a specific knot and binding style, or the visual and tactile aspects of rigging and being rigged, craft narratives that celebrate the eroticism inherent in this fetish.


Power and Bondage Fetishism: Unravel narratives that embrace the art of restraint and the exploration of power dynamics. Intrigue us with stories of characters discovering the pleasure and intimacy that comes with the world of dominance over others, power play, and pleasing by submission.


Pain and Pleasure: Transport us into worlds where pain mixes with pleasure in an exchange that heightens sexual pleasure. Whether it is spanks, crops, clamps, or forms of deprivation, craft narratives that delve into the psychological and emotional nuances of sadism and masochism as erotic release.


We welcome narrative submissions that approach these fetish themes with sensitivity, consent, and a commitment to portraying the complexities of human desire. Your manuscripts should explore the diverse facets of erotic fetishism, allowing readers to engage with the characters on a deeper, more intimate level.


Submission and Production Schedule—Manuscripts should be submitted by February 14, 2024. Production and illustrative work will continue through the spring and summer, with promotional announcements and posts on the Erosetti Press website, social media, and distribution lists. The target publication date is fall of 2024. Submissions may be previously written and posted, but not published under ISBN number.


Author Confidentiality and Anonymity—To ensure author confidentiality, chapters will be published under pseudonym. Production communications and the Author-Publisher Agreement may be signed under the author’s pseudonym as an artist entity. Legal names may be used as an option if elected by the author.


Author Retains Ownership—Authors retain ownership over their written work. Authors may post and publish their written work at will. An Author-Publisher Agreement will be signed to ensure copyright of the book publication, under an ISBN and the Erosetti Press moniker. Book copyright statements will acknowledge authors as owners of their creative works.


Publication and Distribution—Volume I will be assigned ISBN numbers and published in 6x9 inch paperback and hardcover with dust jacket versions. The book will be listed internationally on all major online vendors (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) and tens of thousands of online and brick-and-mortar bookstores. We plan on maintaining international listing and distribution indefinitely.


Compensation—Erosetti Press will incur significant production and listing costs to produce a high quality and well-distributed book. In addition to offering publication and promotion of author’s creative works and professional contacts, we will send to each author two paperback copies of the final book. Marketing and promotion of the author’s creative works will reach a worldwide audience. We believe this is a fair and consistent compensation strategy for a niche publisher with a mission to elevate and support the work of erotic artists in a mainstream space.


Manuscript Requirements & Submission Guidelines—You may submit up to three manuscripts for consideration. In addition to the narrative manuscript, each submission requires several additional elements. Please read carefully and submit one form and upload for each manuscript submission. Submissions may be previously written and posted, but not published under ISBN number.


Submit one completed form with each submission upload formatted as .doc and labeled by "title_author-name". Each submission form and upload requires:


  1. Author pseudonym or legal name, whichever you wish to be published under.

  2. An author bio, up to 200 words including preferred public contact information (website, LinkTree, username, etc.). This bio will be featured in the book and on the Creators page of the Erosetti Press website.

  3. Title of your narrative.

  4. A summary or synopsis of your narrative, up to 50 words.

  5. The gender identity of the first person of your narrative; or, write “any gender” if this is not applicable to your story.

  6. Keywords/tags, up to ten, that describe the content of your narrative (kinks, scenario, fantasy, sexual acts, toys, etc.).

  7. The narrative fetish erotic story, 1,000-4,000 words (if longer, please contact us prior to submitting).


Complete the submission form and upload each manuscript document here.

Questions?—Submission questions may be sent to Subject: Erotic Narrative. Editing and production correspondence will be conducted primarily via email with promotional updates posted on our website and X/Twitter feed @erosettipress. Jane Doe, a European-based staff, will serve as Editor of the volume and primary production contact.

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