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Coming in 2024! Paperback and Limited Edition Hardcover!


Reina Canalla's Anne-Marie: A shameless erotic and romantic pirate comic.


A different pirate story.

195 comic pages of explicit romance, digitally remastered with new color drawings.


Year 1714, Saint Domingue, Greater Antilles. The young Anne Marie is expelled from the convent, the only home she has known since she was born; she has done wicked things at the chapel, though these things were very pleasant for her. The sisters entrust the troublesome child to the first tradesman who comes to town to take her to the most important house of the city. But this man is neither a trader nor a man, for she is the dreaded pirate Jezzabel Avery, known all over the Caribbean for her countless felonies. Anne finds this out late, and she is made a prisoner and taken on board to be sold as a sex slave.


Nevertheless, after handing the virgin over to her restless crew for their pleasure and entertainment, Avery makes up her mind; she is too precious, and so she decides to keep her all to herself for her own enjoyment. From this moment on, every experience is exciting for the former novice. Passion and pain are intermingled, confusing her, erasing the hate that she believed to have felt once, as she increasingly comes to admire her master, a fascinating lady.


Just as she surrenders to the sweet pain, love comes her way. it true love? Man or woman, peace or torment, Anne Marie must make a decision.

Anne-Marie: The Complete Series

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